Making a Modern Pool.

Pools are probably not the first thing you think of when you think of landscape architecture. But a distinctive pool design can easily be the centerpiece of your estate’s landscaping. Pools not only offer a fun way to get some relief from the heat but can actually reflect your unique sense of style and artistry. Combine that with the latest pool technologies, and suddenly, having a pool becomes an absolute must.

Adding the right materials to your pool design makes a huge difference. Integrating glass and mosaic tiles combined with colored aggregate plaster finishes into your design turns a pool into a work of art. And while more organic shaped pools dominated the design trends for quite some time, more angular, simple shapes are definitely in vogue. Many people now prefer shapes that mirror the modern architecture of their home and landscaping. 

Regardless of your aesthetic, we’re excited to discuss what design would work best on your property, inspire envy in your neighbors, and show off your unique sense of style.

Also, the right technology can make any pool even more impressive & usable. LED lighting and variable speed pumps are an easy choice. And while most of our clients choose to have us maintain their pool after construction, having an in-floor cleaning and UV system makes pool maintenance easy. These days, automation can handle everything from low-voltage lighting and outdoor audio systems to pool covers that can help prevent young ones from accidentally falling in. And it can all be controlled from your smart device. 

Let’s talk about your vision and how a pool can elevate the look and feel of your property. No doubt, we can design something state-of-the-art that will last for years to come, and fit comfortably into your budget.