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This modern home nestled in an old Preston Hollow neighborhood needed the exterior spaces to complement the interior spaces beautifully executed by Catherine Albritton & Daphne Kuykendall. We mirrored the colors and existing artwork from inside the house with colored pots outside to create beautiful symmetry. 

The owners also wanted eye-catching water features with gentle, but noticeable sound quality. Both at the front entrance to welcome visitors, and at the rear to continue the effect no matter the window from which it was viewed. The centerpiece of this unique water sculpture was sourced in England and installed by Harold Leidner Company.

To avoid the maintenance issues related to a traditional pool, special attention was paid to the water feature’s ease of maintenance by using the most sophisticated circulation and filtration systems available, which allowed the owners to travel freely without worry. 

It was a pleasure working on a home whose architecture was crafted by SHM, then built by LRO. The project took about eight months to design and build the fountains, decks, and landscape.  


  • Custom Fountains
  • Art Placement
  • Custom Pottery
  • Custom Kitchen
  • Green Walls
  • Turntable Driveway
  • Lighting 
  • Custom Tile Work
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Drainage
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